Online journal of Art and Design (OJAD), is aiming at sharing and disseminating art and design related innovations, ideas, research findings and advances throughout the world.  It is designating to host assortment of art and design related approaches, critiques and point of views.


The Journal is happy to welcome and introduce diversity of approaches: theoretical or practical. Moreover, scopes regarding the role and purpose of art and design, particularly the ones that question and even controvert values, both socially and culturally, presenting illustrated case studies, analyze and designate the past, present and future of certain art and design practices in all areas of art and design and occasionally thematic topics all comprise what OJAD is targeting at.


Online Journal of Art and Design is an open access quarterly published four times a year in the months of January, April, July and October, accepting articles in three languages; English, Italian and Turkish all of which will undergo a diligent inspection and double blind review by a group of internationally acknowledged reviewers. 


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A Proposed Method on the Functionality Analysis of the Square - A Case Study: Eminonu Square Field Work

Fatih Semerci                                        

Cultural Heritage and Gender: On the Traces of Women’s Prayer Space in Bitola Mosques

Gulsen Disli                                        

Energy Efficient Lighting in Retail Spaces - Case Study Evaluations

Ozlem Sumengen     F. Uyan     A. Yener                                

Influence of Design Styles on User Preferences in Hotel Guestrooms

Aysen Ozkan     Kemal Yidirim     Duygu Tuna                                

Kültür-Konut Etkileşiminde Mahremiyet Olgusu: Geleneksel Urfa - Akçaabat/Ortamahalle Evleri Üzerinden Karşılaştırmalı Bir Analiz

Tulay Zorlu     Kader Keskin                                    

Üst Sosyo Ekonomik Düzeye Sahip Apartman Konutların Açık Yaşama Mekânlarının Kullanım Sürecinde Değerlendirilmesi

Kemal Yildirim     Feray Unlu     Mehmet Aydin