Online journal of Art and Design (OJAD), is aiming at sharing and disseminating art and design related innovations, ideas, research findings and advances throughout the world.  It is designating to host assortment of art and design related approaches, critiques and point of views.


The Journal is happy to welcome and introduce diversity of approaches: theoretical or practical. Moreover, scopes regarding the role and purpose of art and design, particularly the ones that question and even controvert values, both socially and culturally, presenting illustrated case studies, analyze and designate the past, present and future of certain art and design practices in all areas of art and design and occasionally thematic topics all comprise what OJAD is targeting at.


Online Journal of Art and Design is an open access quarterly published four times a year in the months of January, April, July and October, accepting articles in three languages; English, Italian and Turkish all of which will undergo a diligent inspection and double blind review by a group of internationally acknowledged reviewers. 


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Editorial Team



A Re-Reading of Turkish Modern Architecture after Derrida

Sengul Oymen Gur     Serap Durmus                                    

Ürün Tasarımında Sonlu Hacimler Yöntemini Kullanmak-Fan’dan Yüzey Temizleme Cihazına

Selcuk Kecel     Abdullah Togay                                    

The Reflection of Art Movements to the Landscape Architecture

Pinar Gulturk     Elif Ebru Sisman                                    

Guiding Architecture Students to Take an Active Role in Design Studios

Nazan Kirci     Melike Akyol                                    

Performativity of Theatre Architecture

Mehmet Kerem Ozel                                        

New Building Design in Original Rural Texture within the Scope of Sustainability: A Studio Experience - Konya Kilistra

Mehmet Uysal     Esra Yaldiz     Dicle Aydin                                

Geleneksel Silvan Evlerinin Mimari Analizi (Architectural Analysis of Traditional Silvan Houses)

Emine Dagtekin     Gulin Payasli Oguz     Mucahit Yildirim                                

Evaluation of Final Product Integrated with Intelligent Systems in Architectural Education Studios

H. Derya Arslan     Gonca Ozer     Ahmet Ozkis