Preferences for Use of Historic Streets: Kastamonu Şeyh Şaban-I Veli Street


ABSTRACT The streets that are one of the areas where socialization is most seen in the social life are becoming one of the passing places. In the past, however, the streets are politically, economically, socially, and so on. places where many things have happened. The streets that contain the identity of the city and its history in various directions are drawing more attention today and the tendency to regain the sustainability politics by local governments is displayed. Kastamonu province center which hosts various civilizations today has many historical heritage. Şeyh Şabanı Veli Street, which is located in the city center and has an important place for religious tourism. The scope of this study, it was investigated whether natural and artificial reinforcement elements and their effect on street preference in terms of cultural continuation and preference of the street after the facade renovation work. In the study, photographs of the streets were suggested on different plant arrangements and functions via CS Photoshop. The proposed suggestions were questioned to the users of the place and the visitors by photo survey method. The results of this study, Kastamonu especially the city of Turkey's making many of the city located in the historic streets of facade improvements after work by considering the reuse of the decisions in the fields users as well as visitors expectations for the cultural heritage of sustainability in landscape planning and design considering the criteria for application studies a precaution has emerged.