Analysis of the Distribution of Kindergarten and Primary Schools Buildings in Neighborhood Scale Based on Spatial Planning Regulation and Planning Technique: An Example of Urban Protection Area Yozgat


ABSTRACT Planning and arrangement of urban social urban equipment is very important for the development of urban spaces. Such an arrangement indicates that population of that city can only use the necessary social equipment through planning. The access distance to social equipment such as kindergarten and primary schools within the Spatial Plans Building Codes for the arrangements in Turkey is arranged as 500 meters. It is known that the population-based approach is as important as the distance criterion in neighborhoods inhabited by the population in terms of social equipment. This article underlined the importance of population-based social infrastructure development. Analyses were made selecting 20 neighborhoods out of 27 in Yozgat province. The results have shown that a kindergarten or primary school to be established in Develik neighborhood of Yozgat will not reach the desired occupancy since the population is not dense. Therefore, selection of the social equipment spaces that are founded on population basis in planning is important. Primarily, it is necessary to make plan in consideration of the distance rule and the population criteria together in the spatial distribution in the neighborhoods that host the residential areas.