A Review: The Influence of Colours in Work Environments


ABSTRACT Understanding the influences of colour on individuals is essential for creating better work environments that result in higher employee performance. The effects of interior colour on employees’ mood and wellbeing, which affects their performance, are undeniable and crucial. Many studies indicate that correctly applying colour in indoor work environments can increase employee satisfaction and productivity, increasing company profits. Job performance is defined as behaviours or activities carried out to achieve goals, and it is a behavioural outcome that is influenced by psychology, physiology, and individual preferences. The influence of colours on these issues has received a lot of attention. Therefore, this article examines existing colour literature to provide information on the impact of colours in work environments. The review includes 35 studies from 1959 to 2020, which are discussed in terms of psychology, physiology, preference, and behaviour outcomes to gather the information that can be applied to any environment where individuals perform work activities. The findings suggest that the influence of colours in work environments is unavoidable and requires further investigation and comprehension.