A Methodological Approach to Urban Squares Suitability Analysis: The Case of Osmaniye City Center


ABSTRACT Squares, which are one of the basic elements of urban open space and social communication, are the meeting, gathering, waiting, resting and entertainment areas of the citizens. However, the rapid and unplanned urbanization process, which takes place in order to meet the needs of the increasing population in cities, negatively affects the square designs like many urban spaces. This situation reveals the need to re-evaluate the squares with important functional characteristics over time. In this study, it was aimed to examine the 3 squares in Osmaniye with the square suitability criteria created within the scope of the study and to evaluate the suitability for use on an urban scale. In the study, square suitability criteria were created within the scope of 7 main and their sub-criteria. The suitability assessment of the squares in the city center of Osmaniye province was carried out with the Analytical Hierarchy Process by 28 experts from different professional disciplines. As a result of the study, it was determined that all three squares were in the category of less suitable in terms of square suitability classification. In the study, improvement suggestions were developed for each square in line with the scores they received from the square suitability criteria.