Science Fiction and Architecture as an Elective Course in Architectural Education


ABSTRACT The main objective of the research titled "Science Fiction and Architecture as an Elective Course in Architectural Education" is to investigate the course "Science Fiction and Architecture" developed in accordance with the goal stated in the "UNESCO /UIA Charter for Architectural Education" to improve the skills of architecture students to develop solutions for the future. The Science Fiction and Architecture course selection is based primarily on the fact that science fiction directly addresses the future and inevitably deals with the future of space and place. It is hypothesized that the study of science fiction can help develop ideas about the future of space. Students received theoretical explanations of the topic and were recommended written and visual resources to read and view. They were expected to conduct various studies. The corresponding studies were analyzed and compared using a descriptive analysis method. The study and comparison revealed the achievement of the specified learning outcomes. The data obtained suggest that engaging in science fiction enhances and enriches students' abilities to develop ideas about the future of spaces, design, and architecture. To develop architecture students' abilities to think about the future of architecture, buildings, design, spaces, and cities, it is recommended that courses be offered that explore the relationship between science fiction and architecture in architectural education curricula or that the topic be incorporated into other courses. If the topic is not covered in the curricula, students should be encouraged to do their research.