Generative Plan Recommendation for Diyarbakir Traditional L Plan Type Houses


Abstract Architectural designs with an orientation towards nature not only distract the designer from randomness, but also make him/her realize his/her responsibility towards nature. At the same time, designs in harmony with nature provide gains for nature and reduce the damage caused by the building sector to the environment. Although today's technological developments have provided many advantages, they have also led to an increase in structures disconnected from nature. In this respect, the study emphasizes that the principles obtained as a result of the structural analysis of Diyarbakır traditional houses should be proposed as a model for today's contemporary housing production. In this study; the generative design approach, which is formed with the contribution of computational sciences, is examined. Also; the use of Lindenmayer Systems, a generative algorithm, in the architectural design process and its relationship with sustainability is discussed.In the study, a model proposal is prepared based on the analysis of 14 L-plan type traditional Diyarbakır houses.The examined plan typologies were recoded with the Lindenmayer program based on the building orientation parameter. Through the data obtained, ideal housing typologies that are compatible with the climate and traditional architecture of Diyarbakır city and can appeal to different users have been produced.