Imageries of Covid 19 Pandemic Experiences in Ankara Designs in West African Countries


Abstract Designs on Ankara fabric and the use and styles to which the fabric is put in West Africa reflect socio-historical, politico-cultural, and other contemporary issues, including the occurrence of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) which is a very new occurrence, and which has not been studied. This study, therefore, pioneeringly examined imagery of COVID-19 pandemic in Ankara textiles and clothing in West Africa with the aim of providing detailed accounts of the pandemic experiences and the peoples’ corollary artistic responses. The study was based on material and non-material field data collected in 2021. Thematic, iconographic, and iconological analysis of samples of Ankara fabrics revealed that designs and colours on Ankara of around the COVID-19 lockdown period are thematically about the lockdown experiences and that the fabric was fashioned into face masks of various styles. Moreover, and beyond designs some Ankara products were chemically treated as antivirus by the producers.